Company Information

  • Category: Telecommunications Provider
  • Name: PureVoice Communications
  • Location: London, England (Remote)
  • Job Title:
  • Managing Director
  • Employed Dates: 1st March 2022 - Present
  • Website:
  • Company Registration: Companies House (GOV.UK)

About PureVoice Communications

Founded in 2003 and based out the beautiful state of California, Pure Voice Communications became an instant leader in online voice communication hosting. As the first ever licensed host of Ventrilo, Pure Voice revolutionized the voice hosting industry by developing new technologies to meet the growing demand of gamers and internet users alike. From our industry first, ever-evolving My.PV user control panel to our specially configured hardware... Pure Voice's level of service remains unsurpassed since day one.

Since then, Pure Voice has established ourselves in the Ventrilo, TeamSpeak, amd Mumble hosting market pioneering the way these products are hosted and managed. With that experience, we are able to bring our customers unparalleled service utilizing some of the best rated networks and equipment available today... all at an affordable price.

In 2022 Ecliptic Solutions took over operations at Pure Voice to allow us to continue serving our customers which are the number priority.