Project information

  • Category: Web Development
  • Client: Modern Solutions (Host Havoc Ltd.)
  • Project date: July 2022 - Present
  • Project URL:

Project Details

This website started by Tyler Gilroyed revolutionized the GTA V roleplaying community with this incredible creation called RocketCAD. It was created in June 2018 with the team at Modern Solutions as the successor to ModernCAD: Onyx Edition. This allowed users to choose the designs for each type of department (LEO, Fire, Civilian & Dispatch) which allowed communities to make the adjustments that suited their communities needs. In addition RocketCAD has incredible in-game integration in which it allows the FiveM server that the integration was installed on to community with the CAD to allow easy adjustments for the user and the community. It also has a public API that developers can use to create plugins and their own integrations for RocketCAD!

Since July 2022 I took over development of RocketCAD and have been developing it ever since!